Who am I?

I’m Leticia Rae. I am a mom, a significant other, a social media influencer, a social media coordinator, a blogger and an aspiring coach (personal development/spiritual/parenting/relationship..etc). I am 39 years old. I have two children of my own (17 and 9) as well as two of my boyfriend’s children (11 and 13). I also have a senior dog that I care for and cook for.

Where and what are my social media accounts?

I have four of my own facebook pages (Leticia Rae - Finding The Silver Lining, Quotes To Inspire, Finding The Silver Lining and Feeling My Feelings for Healing). You can find me here on instagram, twitter and pinterest.

What type of social media clients have you worked with?

I have worked with different types of professionals, such as: a social media guru, a life coach trainer, a holistic veterinarian, a relationship therapist, local businesses (liquor store), authors and speakers.

What did I do for my social media clients?

I managed their social media accounts (facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest, youtube), which means I scheduled posts for them, created content (images and videos), edited video and helped their audiences grow by sharing them on my own pages (see my social media accounts above).

Who can contact me?

You can contact me if you are interested in asking me about my life stories related to parenting, relationships, personal development, spiritual growth, substance abuse, sexual abuse, domestic abuse, business, social media, organization, exercise, diet and accountability.

You can contact me if you are interested in me helping you in any of the areas stated above.

You can contact me if you are interested in me managing your social media accounts or creating images for you.

You can contact me with any questions you may have and I look forward to hearing from you. You can either email me at leticiarae@leticiarae.com or contact me through messaging from any of my social media accounts listed above.

What do you charge?

Please contact me for fees related to social media coordinating.

I am currently coaching for FREE or for a small donation.