Is there a bright side to being sick?

Even though I got sick, I still had to do everything I would normally do. Sometimes on these normal, not sick, days I would kind of drag my feet and battle my mind to think more positively, but sometimes we do tend to let the load break us down. And sometimes when we do that, we get sick and I feel like when I get sick, I need to find a way to grow through it.

Being Mindfully Transparent

I think it’s GREAT when we can be honest and transparent about how we are feeling in the moment. What’s not so great is when we don’t take into consideration the people we are affecting with how we express our feelings. It’s so powerful to be able to express how we feel, but we can’t go around emotionally vomiting on everyone. That’s not the way to get our point across. And it’s not the way to attract healthy relationships.

I've learned...

I’ve learned that it’s okay to be vulnerable with people; they won’t always reject us. By sharing who we are and our experiences, we can help someone and create new friendships.

When it feels scary to jump...JUMP

If we never take risks in life, we never know where we can go, and who we truly are.  Staying in our comfort zone keeps us in the life we've always known.  Stepping out, taking risks and pushing ourselves gives us a chance for something new.  If we want something different, we have to do something different. 

Rebuilding myself...

Years ago, I remember sitting in my living room feeling empty, bored, tired and depressed.  It seemed like everybody around me was busy.  It wasn't just that they were busy, but their lives seemed full.  They were doing things that mattered to them.  I, on the other hand, was just surviving.  

The Battle In My Head.

When I’m triggered by someone or something, two voices pop into my head. One makes me feel like a victim. How dare they do that. Not this again. You must not be worth it. These voices stir up bitterness and resentment towards others and myself. I don’t like thinking these kind of thoughts and I do not like feeling this way.

Super Blue Blood Moon

The Super Blue Blood Moon sounds ominous, like something out of a B rated horror film. “You'll never escape the grips of the fabled Super Blue Blood Moon.” I assure you it's a beautiful phenomenon and once you understand what these things mean it will make more sense.