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Appreciation Quotes

Appreciation Quotes

Appreciation Quotes

"It's difficult to dwell on what we've lost when we are busy focusing on appreciating everything we still have.”  -Leticia Rae

“Be in a state of appreciation and you will invite more blessings into your life.”  -Leticia Rae

“Everyday, focus on what gives you pleasure and what makes you happy.  Choose to give them focused appreciation.”  -Leticia Rae

“Hope and dream of a wonderful future by appreciating the present moment, without judgment, but with faith in your journey.”  -Leticia Rae

“Replace judgment with Understanding, chaos with Peace, fear with Love, hate with Tolerance, past and future with absolute presence, envy to Appreciation, bitterness with Forgiveness and conditional with Unconditional Love.”  -Leticia Rae

“Sometimes we need a little conflict to create awareness, but just remember to be respectful and view the other person with understanding and appreciation.  Resolution is at the end of a loving process, not a fear based one.”  -Leticia Rae

“When you truly appreciate everything that you are, others will too.”  -Leticia Rae

“Appreciate those in your life who truly love you, motivate you, encourage you, inspire you, enhance you and contribute to your happiness.”  -Leticia Rae

“Expect Nothing; Never be disappointed.  Appreciate everything; Recognize blessings.”  -Leticia Rae

“I have everything I want in life at this very moment because I appreciate everything I have in this moment.” -Leticia Rae

“There are always going to be people who try to bring you down and make you upset, but there are also people around you who appreciate you and want to see you happy.  Focus on those who uplift you and return the favor.”  -Leticia Rae

“I am ready to appreciate strong people who lift me up and remind me of my strengths.”  -Leticia Rae

“Abundance happens when we are completely in the present, appreciating what we already have.”  -Leticia Rae

Thank you for taking the time to read through my quotes.  I hope you found a little bit of inspiration and hope here.  Feel free to leave your favorite appreciation quotes down in the comments.  

Sending Love,

Leticia Rae

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