Gratitude Quotes

Gratitude Quotes

“You open the door to opportunity and an amazing reality through gratitude.  Count your blessings.  You are blessed.  There is always something to be grateful for.”  -Leticia Rae

"True beauty doesn't come from makeup and clothing.  It comes from love, compassion and gratitude.”  -Leticia Rae

"If you cannot find gratitude, you’ll never find peace.”  -Leticia Rae

“I believe that making gratitude a daily habit can change your life because you are focused on the good in your life that already exists.  By doing this, you not only invite more blessings into your life by being open to them, but you let go of the fear that blocks.”  -Leticia Rae

"There is nothing more attractive to me than a will to persevere and an attitude of positivity and gratitude.”  -Leticia Rae

“Count your blessings as you fall asleep and wake up refreshed.”  -Leticia Rae

"Learn to live in the present moment.   Let go of fear.  Let go of thoughts of the past.  Let go of thoughts of the future.  Count your blessings."  -Leticia Rae

"Create understanding, acceptance and support for yourself, and for those around you, by letting go of judgment and holding onto gratitude and empathy."  -Leticia Rae

“Let go of the idea of what you think your life should be.  Right now, embrace life as it is and be grateful for your current blessings.”  -Leticia Rae

"When you complain you are on the road to a miserable trap.  When you are grateful you are instantly freed.  Count your blessings."  -Leticia Rae

“Find joy in the monotonous.  Be grateful for its predictability.  It can often offer patience, peace and the opportunity to practice living in the moment.”  -Leticia Rae

“Sometimes life is monotonous, difficult and a bit confusing.  But please remember that everything that is happening right now is for a reason - to prepare you for what’s to come.  Have faith.  Be grateful.  Do your best.”  -Leticia Rae

“If you are stuck in a place that you don’t feel loved and it’s not time to move on, then your challenge is to embrace it, be grateful and find what you can love about it.  Sometimes this is what you need to do to be able to move beyond it.”  -Leticia Rae

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Sending Love,

Leticia Rae



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