Follow Your Heart - Choose Love

Follow Your Heart - Choose Love

Following our heart and choosing love will sometimes lead to pain.  

We cannot avoid pain or fear in this life because we live in a world of duality where there is dark and light - fear and love.

We cannot have one without the other because we cannot experience one without the other.

When we follow our heart and it leads us to pain, it’s not our heart or love that caused the pain.  

It is the thoughts that we think about the situation that causes us pain.  It’s the story that we tell ourselves about it that is painful.

Words and thoughts create feelings.

Take the risk and follow your heart because life is for living and experiencing.

If we aren’t taking the risks, we aren’t living and we aren’t growing.

It’s okay to be hurt and feel pain.  Don’t avoid it.  Embrace it.

When we face pain with love, we grow.

We cannot always control circumstances, but we can control ourselves - what we think, how we feel and ultimately how we react to it.

When we learn to react with love, seemingly painful situations will become less painful because with love, compassion and understanding are inevitable.  

When we come from a place of understanding and compassion, we no longer feel the victim.  

We let go of the fear and the pain.

So when you feel pain, don’t avoid it.  Feel it.  Go through it, but let your words fall away.  

You don’t always have to try to make sense of it. 

Keep moving through the emotions and let the thoughts fall away.  

Focus on your heart.  Focus on love.  This is where you will find understanding and clarity.

Sending Love,

Leticia Rae

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