Love Quotes

Love Quotes



Choose Love

“Choose Faith.  Choose Hope.  Choose Love.”  -Leticia Rae

“You can find reasons you don't like something, but you could also find reasons why you love it.  Focus on what you love.”  -Leticia Rae

"We acquire love from ourselves.  Even if someone outside us is offering us love, we choose to accept or reject it.”  -Leticia Rae

“The love we seek is inside ourselves.  When we project that love onto others, it comes back to us.”  -Leticia Rae

“Replace judgment with Understanding, chaos with Peace, fear with Love, hate with Tolerance, past and future with absolute presence, envy to Appreciation, bitterness with Forgiveness and conditional with Unconditional Love.”  -Leticia Rae

“When you look in the mirror, when you reflect on your life, do so with love and understanding.”  -Leticia Rae

"When you love yourself, authenticity is inevitable. You are worthy of your love.  Let go of negative self-perceptions.  Forgive yourself." -Leticia Rae


In Relationships

“When you love yourself fully,  You will love others fully.  You will accept them for who they are and see their strengths.  When you love yourself fully, everyone shines.”  -Leticia Rae

"It can be frustrating to watch someone we love struggle.  It can make us feel powerless in trying to make them happy.  We need to realize that we just need to love them unconditionally.  They will find their happiness and our love may very well light the way."  -Leticia Rae

"The only way to truly love someone the way they deserve to be loved, is to truly love yourself the way you deserve to be loved."  -Leticia Rae

"Loving unconditionally doesn't mean you should allow someone to treat you badly.  It could mean loving them from a distance without judgment, but with compassion and understanding."   -Leticia Rae

"When we learn to love and accept ourselves, everything falls into place.  Loneliness will cease and loving others will be effortless because we will love and accept them as well."  -Leticia Rae

“Love yourself the way you want to be loved by others and you will begin to not only receive that same love, but to also give it freely.”  -Leticia Rae

“True love is accepting a person completely, focusing on their strengths and understanding their struggles.”  -Leticia Rae


Love and Beauty

"True beauty doesn't come from makeup and clothing.  It comes from love, compassion and gratitude."  -Leticia Rae

“The most beautiful things you can wear are your self-confidence and your self-love.”  -Leticia Rae

“When you are happy and you love yourself and others - no amount of makeup can compare with that type of beauty.”  -Leticia Rae


Love vs. Fear

"It’s not loving that hurts, but the fear we associate with it that does."  -Leticia Rae

“Let the fear out.  Let the love in.”  -Leticia Rae

"Sometimes we need a little conflict to create awareness, but just remember to be respectful and view the other person with understanding and appreciation.  Resolution is at the end of a loving process, not a fear based one."  -Leticia Rae

“Being judgmental and intolerant, that makes us weak because it separates us.  It’s the love and understanding that makes us strong, because it unites us and reminds us that we are all connected.”  -Leticia Rae

“When you look through lenses of Love and Understanding,  truth will be evident and ego will disappear.”  -Leticia Rae

"We are born knowing love, but then we are shaped by our experiences and what we were taught to think about those experiences and sometimes we forget what love is really about.  We do our best until little by little we begin to remember and start to chip off the dark that covered the light for so long. "  -Leticia Rae

"In this moment, only Love exists."  -Leticia Rae

Sending Love,

Leticia Rae

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