Is there a bright side to being sick?

Is there a bright side to being sick?


I’m sick.

What’s the bright side?

I’ve been sick this week, a head cold…nothing serious. I don’t get sick often. I pride myself on that. I even thought when I began to start sniffling and sneezing, this is probably just allergies. But no, I got sick. A part of me feels guilty when I get sick and I start thinking things like I am not taking good enough care of myself, I don’t have enough balance, I am working too much…etc. Too this, too that, should this, should that…blah.

I think a lot. Sometimes I overthink and sometimes I think the right amount. It’s nice when my thinking gets me to a place of peace and understanding instead of a downward spiral.

Even though I got sick, I still had to do everything I would normally do. Sometimes on these normal, not sick, days I would kind of drag my feet and battle my mind to think more positively, but sometimes we do tend to let the load break us down. And sometimes when we do that, we get sick and I feel like when I get sick, I need to find a way to grow through it.


I’m sick…

but I still have to take care of my family.

Even though I got sick and I still had to do everything I would normally have to do, thinking of a normal, not sick, day made me feel grateful and anticipate gaining my strength and energy back. It made me realize that I DO have the energy to get through it all. I just needed an attitude adjustment. I needed to remember. I needed to not take being healthy for granted. I needed to be grateful and positive throughout my days.

Could I balance my days better? Of course. Could I take care of myself better? Of course. Getting sick has given me an opportunity to reevaluate my daily routine, scale back what needs to be lighter and make room for what I need to be doing to get myself on the right track with the life that I want to be living.

Sometimes we need to get knocked down so that we can build ourselves up better than we were before. Sometimes we need harder days so we can realize our previous days weren’t so bad. Sometimes we need to get sick in order to appreciate being healthy.

Do you have these sorts of thoughts when you get sick?

<3 Leticia Rae

Big Bear, California

Big Bear, California