What are you currently reading?

What are you currently reading?

I love to read. I love listening to audiobooks. I love improving myself and becoming a better, more confident and competent human being and mother.

This is what I am reading and listening to currently:


I’ve read this book before. I’ve read all, if not almost all of Neale Donald Walsch’s books. I love them. They have already changed my life and opened my mind and heart. This is a series I will continue to read over and over again. I read it first thing in the morning. It’s a great way to start my day. I find it grounding.


I don’t seek books out. Well, I do, but in kind of a “strange” way, I guess. I ask what book I should read - to the universe or God, and without fail there is a series or an author that keeps coming up for me, either through conversations or online… it’s a synchronistic thing and it happens every time. It’s how I discovered the Conversations with God books as well. Anway, I got my coaching certification and quickly discovered that I am not very good with responding to people empathetically. Not because I am not empathetic, but because I just don’t know the right things to say. So, I put that out there and I began to see Brene Brown everywhere… okay. I got it. And I cry every time I read or listen to one of her books because it’s exactly what I need to hear, to not only learn what to say, but to heal myself.

I mostly listen to this one on my way to picking up my boyfriend’s kids from school, 45 min away. Every other week I pick them up every day and I find it to be an opportunity to listen to books I wouldn’t otherwise have an opportunity to at home because I am so busy with work and home.


Again, I’ve read this book before. I’ve read all of the Harry Potter books. And AGAIN, I will reread these books over and over, because I love them and they make me happy. It is also a great book for me to listen to on the way home with the kids in the car. They have their ear buds in and not paying attention, but just in case they are, it’s much more appropriate than my adult appropriate personal development books.

What books are you currently reading or listening to?

Yoga for Beginners - Just What I Need

Yoga for Beginners - Just What I Need